Saison 2018 - 2019


                 (bleu = nouveau, jaune = révision)



10/09/2018  Jackfire, Spaghetti Catalan, Always late ,Yellow
17/09/2018 malade
24/09/2018  Wacky, Jackfire, swingin Girl, Peaches & Nuts
01/10/2018 Gravity, Three teachers, Jackfire, Wacky
08/10/2018 With my friends, Us trip, Yellow, guest ranch, Gravity, Wacky
15/10/2018 I believe in youwith my friends, Jackfire, Wacky, Bang time , Halleluyah
19/10/2018 One Hundred, Heaven on dirt, Saturday night, My trashy side, Wacky
22/10/2018 Revision
29/10/2018 vacances
05/11/2018 Niolon, Retro Lane, With my friends, I believe in you, Wacky
12/11/2018 Retro Lane, Niolon, Wacky, Gravity, I believe in you
19/11/2018 Life in Dreams, Niolon, Retro Lane, Jackfire, US-Trip, The sun girl
26/11/2018 Life in Dreams, Retro Lane, Wacky, Niolon, Swingin girl, Always late, Stomp
29/11/2018 Revision
03/12/2018 11th street,Wynchester , Niolon, Retro Lane, Wacky, 
10/12/2018 There is a fire, 11th street, Wynchester, Retro Lane, Life in Dreams
17/12/2018 Underground, There is a fire, Wynchester, Retro Lane  11th street, Wacky
  Bonne Année 2019
07/01/2019 No need to be, Underground, Wynchester, Retro Lane, There is a fire, Stomp
14/01/2019 No need to be, Gravity, Life in dream, I believe in you, Heaven on dirt
21/01/2019 Day of VictoryNo need to be, Underground,  Retro Lane, Bang time
28/01/2019 pas cours
31/01/2019 Revision
04/02/2019 Unbroken, No need to be, Day of Victory, There is a fire, Wacky
11/02/2019 vacances
18/02/2019 Let's go, Unbroken, Day of Victory, Wynchester, Retro Lane
25/02/2019 Let's go, Unbroken, No need to be
04/03/2019 Milestone, Let's go, No need to be, Retro Lane, Wacky
11/03/2019 Stolen Kiss, Milestone, Unbroken, Let's Go, No need to be, There is a fire

 Breaking Horses, Stolen Kiss, Milestone, Let's go, Bang time




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