Saison 2017 - 2018




11/09/2017      Guts, Pretty Western, Better together, French Kiss, Dreamers 
18/09/2017 Bang Time, Already gone, Guts
25/09/2017 Fine, Guts, Bang Time , Face to Face, M&D, Wish you
02/10/2017 Fine, Bang time, Guts, Already gone, Face to Face,...
09/10/2017 Gotcha, Pizza & Beer, Big Brother, Bang time, Face to Face, Fine
16/10/2017 Texas Dirt, Gotcha, Already gone, Hillbilly Girl, On together
23/10/2017 19 Forever, Texas Dirt, Gotcha, Bang time, Fine line, ...
30/10/2017 Revision
06/11/2017 TH Guest Ranch, 19 Forever,  Gotcha, Heartpulse, Pretty Western
13/11/2017 Mayday, Th-Guest Ranch, 19 Forever, Bang Time, Fine
20/11/2017  Mayday, Gotcha, Texas dirt, Bang Time, Th-Guest Ranch
27/11/2017 One Hundred, Th-Guest Ranch, Texas Dirt, Mayday, Gotcha, Bang time
04/12/2017 One Hundred, Mayday, 19 forever, Bang time, Texas Dirt ...
11/12/2017 Ya come down, One Hundred, Mayday, Th-Guest Ranch...

Bonne Année 2018

08/01/2018 Spaghetti Catalan, Ya come down, Guest Ranch, 19 Forever
15/01/2018 Three teachers, Spaghetti Catalan, One Hundred, Ya come down, 14 reason...
22/01/2018 Always late , Fine line, Spaghetti Catalan,  face to face
29/01/2018 Revision
05/02/2018 10 year beer, One Hundred, Spaghetti Catalan, Texas dirt
12/02/2018 Saturday Night, 10 year beer, Always late, 19 forever, Mayday, Hallelujah
19/02/2018 Heaven on dirt, Saturday Nicht, 10 year beer, Fine, Spaghetti catalan
26/02/2018 cours annulé
05/03/2018 Heaven on dirt,  Texas dirt, One hundred, Gotcha, Bang time.....
12/03/2018 Fall in Love, Heaven on dirt, Better together, Spaghetti Catalan...
19/03/2018 Yellow, Fall in Love, Heaven on dirt, Spaghetti Catalan, Texas dirt....
26/03/2018 Recreation Land, US Trip, Yellow, Heaven on dirt, One Hundred, Always late
02/04/2018 Joyeux Pâques
09/04/2018 Peaches & Nuts, US Trip, Recreation Land, Yellow, Fall in Love
16/04/2018 A country girl, Heaven on dirt, Always late, Fall in Love, Mayday
23/04/2018 Story, A country girl, Heaven on dirt, Recreation land, US-trip et....surprise
30/04/2018 My trashy side, Story,  Peaches & Nuts, A country girl, Yellow
07/05/2018 orage, pas cours
14/05/2018 My trashy side, Story, Us-Trip, Saturday Night, Yellow, Recreation Land...
21/05/2018 Pentecôte
27/05/2018 Stronger than you, My trashy side, A country girl, US-Trip...
04/06/2018 Stronger than you, Recreation Land, My trashy side, One Hundred .....
11/06/2018 The sun girl, My trashy side, Bang time, Story, Recreation Land.....
18/06/2018 Time to dance, The sun girl, stronger than you, Heaven on dirt, Always late ...
25/06/2018 Swingin' girl,Time to dance, My trashy side, Saturday Night
  bonnes vacances
10/09/2018 Reprise  des cours