SAISON 2017-2018




11/09/2017      Guts, Pretty Western, Better together, French Kiss, Dreamers 
18/09/2017 Bang Time, Already gone, Guts
25/09/2017 Fine, Guts, Bang Time , Face to Face, M&D, Wish you
02/10/2017 Fine, Bang time, Guts, Already gone, Face to Face,...
09/10/2017 Gotcha, Pizza & Beer, Big Brother, Bang time, Face to Face, Fine
16/10/2017 Texas Dirt, Gotcha, Already gone, Hillbilly Girl, On together
23/10/2017 19 Forever, Texas Dirt, Gotcha, Bang time, Fine line, ...
30/10/2017 Revision
06/11/2017 TH Guest Ranch, 19 Forever,  Gotcha, Heartpulse, Pretty Western
13/11/2017 Mayday, Th-Guest Ranch, 19 Forever, Bang Time, Fine
20/11/2017  Mayday, Gotcha, Texas dirt, Bang Time, Th-Guest Ranch
27/11/2017 One Hundred, Th-Guest Ranch, Texas Dirt, Mayday, Gotcha, Bang time
04/12/2017 One Hundred, Mayday, 19 forever, Bang time, Texas Dirt ...
11/12/2017 Ya come down, One Hundred, Mayday...
18/12/2017 Pas cours
08/01/2018 Spaghetti Catalan



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